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From overseas high risk contracting jobs to local armed security and law enforcement, Shooters has you covered. We don't cover admin jobs, only positions that require former military or law enforcement experience.

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DATE Category JOB TITLE Nationality LOCATION
10 Dec 2019 Top Secret Clearance and above Joint Expeditionary Team Member - Washington US Citizens United States
10 Dec 2019 Law Enforcement Area LE Professional 2 - Afghanistan US Citizens Afghanistan
10 Dec 2019 Armorer Armorer - OCONUS US Citizens OCONUS
10 Dec 2019 Advisors/SME Lead Master Gunner - Kuwait US Citizens Kuwait
10 Dec 2019 Law Enforcement Area Police Officer - Wyoming US Citizens United States
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We are committed to helping highly trained professionals to find the high paying jobs they deserve. Our goal is to match former military job seekers with current private miliary employers. Many of our jobs start at over $100k per year. will make it easy for you to find the perfect, after military job for you.