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From overseas high risk contracting jobs to local armed security and law enforcement, Shooters has you covered. We don't cover admin jobs, only positions that require former military or law enforcement experience.

Job Listing
16 Feb 2020 Medics Security P.O./EMT - Maryland US Citizens United States
16 Feb 2020 Medics PSS/EMT- Advanced - OCONUS US Citizens OCONUS
10 Feb 2020 Medics Tier 2 Medic / CP Deputy - Iraq Open To All Nationalities Iraq
07 Feb 2020 Medics Paramedic - Afghanistan Open To All Nationalities Afghanistan
05 Feb 2020 Medics PSS/EMT-Advanced - Afghanistan US Citizens Afghanistan
27 Jan 2020 Medics PSS/EMT- Advanced - OCONUS US Citizens Iraq
24 Jan 2020 Medics PSS/Paramedic - OCONUS US Citizens OCONUS
22 Jan 2020 Medics Vehicle Commander/Medic - Sudan Open To All Nationalities Africa