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Are you looking to get into the Maritime Security Industry? The goal of this course is to give the student a foundation and understanding of the Maritime Security Industry as well as Anti-Piracy Operations per USCG and IMO regulations. Upon completion of this course the student will possess the necessary skills to seek employment in the Maritime Security Industry as a Maritime Security Specialist.

Trident Group also offers Career Guidance at the successful completion of the course for those looking to make a career in the Maritime Security industry as well as consideration for future staffing of Trident Group Global Millennium Services.

Trident Group is the leading US maritime security provider—in fact we protect over 60% of the USG’s maritime security program fleet. Our teams have been on the water protecting commercial and private vessels since 2008 with over 40 repels. All Trident Group instructors are US Navy SEALs and SME’s in maritime security operations.

The course includes the following:

· Physical Capability Assessment
- Swim – 250m – 12 min
- 5 Pull Ups
- 50 Push Ups
- 50 Air Squats
- 1.5 mile run – 15 min

·     Maritime (Vessel) Terminology and Industry Familiarization

·     International Rules for the Use of Force (RUF)

·     SOLAS Amendments – 33 CFR & ISPS

·     Combat Pistol & Rifle Fundamentals & Waterborne Shoot Practical

·     Access Denial Operations

·     Combat Mindset

·     Anti-Piracy Drills Overview

·     Fire and Movement Concepts & Principals of Movement

·     Medical - Tactical Combat Casualty Care Familiarization - TCCC

·     Live Target Vessel Practical’s while underway

WHEN: Please see Training Calendar at

PRICE: $1000.00 and a non-refundable $42.00 background fee is also required.

DEPOSIT: $292.00 USD (Includes background fee); holds your spot in the course. Please note, due to high demand and limited openings, all deposits are required 30 Days prior to the start of the course and full payment is due within 5 Business Days prior to the start of the course.

Trident Group also offers the following courses:

·     First Time Shooter
·     Pistol Level I & II
·     Carbine Level I & II

Trident Group at (757) 479-4422
Trident Training Services Website